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Population Served:
Based on the Latino community in Long Island (Nassau & Suffolk), which are mostly from Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Central American countries such as El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico and other immigrants from Latin-America, some of them displaced by violence in their home countries (Civil Wars, gangs), natural disasters (floods, hurricanes, earthquakes) and in some cases seeking the American dream.

The job posts for the women usually are:
Housekeeping, Babysitter, and Laundromat.

The job posts for the men are:
Construction, Temporary laborers (who stand on street corners looking for work), Warehouse, Restaurants (Dishwasher, Busboy, Waiters) Gardening, and also Housekeeping.

It is worth noting that some Central American people from El Salvador and Honduras are covered by the Service Temporary Protection TPS, some already obtaining temporary residence, others are in the process of obtaining citizenship, as well as citizens who have been there in the country about 14 years. These people lack legal advice in their language.

What is characteristic of this Central American population is their low education level, it is such that most people cannot read or write in Spanish, while others have only studied up to middle school.

Once they started living in Long Island they have been dedicated to working to support their families and pay their taxes, while at the same time they hardly speak a word in English. There is a lack of Education Centers for Spanish speakers (their language).

You can also see that many Latinos live alone (without family and / or partners) who seek sex workers to satisfy their sexual needs. There is a lack of information on prevention programs (STI-HIV).

Another point worth noticing is that in this culture there is machismo, which prevents men from using Condoms and also they do not know or are unaware of other sexual protection methods.

Because of the lack of adequate information and guidance in Spanish here in Long Island, many Hispanics are in need to travel to the city (Queens, Manhattan) (1.30 hours by bus) to encounter a variety of services in their language Spanish.

Furthermore, when Hispanics arrive to the Hospital’s emergency room is sometimes too late, as his/her health is fairly deteriorated at that point. Other problem is the large distances found between hospitals and where Hispanic people live. The transportation system is complicated for someone who doesn’t have access to a car.

As a result of all of the above, we have decided to create HEALTHY LATINO COMMUNITY "United for a Better World."
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